Airplane Doesn’t Turn Off In iPhone/iPad? Solved

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Today’s article is written about the ways to turn off the airplane mode of the iPhone or iPad. please be patient with this article first to last, you will must benefited to solving iPhone airplane mode. Airplane settings are desnot working when a normal phone flashes or if phone arent updates. So if there is such a problem like aireplane not working, the phone must be updated into the latest firmware.

Below are some ways to solve the problem;

  1. Restart your iPhone, iPad, or iPod
  2. Back Up Your iPhone, iPad, and iPod
  3. reinstall the iOS software
  4. try restoring the iPhone to factory settings and setting it up as a new iPhone
  5. contact Apple Support

01. Restart Your iPhone/iPad/iPod or Any Other Devices

If under no circumstances can the phone’s airplane mode be turned off, restart the phone, it closes the running applications on the phone, so if there is a bug in any application, it is resolved.

02. Back Up Your iPhone/iPad/iPod

If the airplane mode is not off even after restarting the phone, then back up the phone. After backing up, follow the instructions below in the third solutions.

03. Reinstall The iOS Software

Before installing firmware software on iPhone, you must back up the phone, otherwise the necessary files and photos will be deleted forever. So back up the device. Once backed up, download the device’s original iOS software and install it on your iphone via an computer. To connect the iPhone to the computer, you must have a USB cable, you need to have the iThone installed on your computer before connecting via cable. After installing iTone, you need to pute the iPhone to recovery mode. And connected to the iPhone PC by cable. Now your PC will detect iPhone automatically. Now select the iPhone update or restore from the computer and download and install the desired iOS software, the iPhone will be like new after installation.

04. Try Restoring The iPhone To Factory Settings and Setting It Up As A New iPhone

If you do not have a computer or laptop, then apply this method. Before applying this method, you must back up the necessary files of the phone, otherwise all the files will be lost forever.
Follow the instructions below to enter the iPhone reset option.

Go to Settings > General > Reset

05. Contact Apple Support

If none of the above four methods work, the only way left is to communicate with iPhone support. Contact iPhone Support by writing the details of your problem, they will help you very soon.

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