Amazon Niche Site Planning guidelines

Amazon Niche Site Planning-A Complete Guidelines

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There is no doubt that the form of the Niche Site planning is not terrible but difficult. So the niche site thing is not a matter of emotion. It’s a business. And a company is successful only when it’s complete according to the right plan. You can learn here – Amazon Niche Site Planning & start an affiliation.

And there is always a “Plan-B” of a business. But we are not putting any second thought into this plan. Because, if we work according to this plan, we must succeed.

Because I’m going to catch some of the usual clutter here, so these will only work well for those who are just starting or think affiliate marketing. I am Nubi, write for Nubi. There is no place for experts here.

Amazon Niche Site Planning-Step By Step Guidelines

What will be in the plan? Let’s take a look at that list at the beginning:

On-Page SEO –

  • Nice idea generation
  • Buying a domain and hosting
  • Keyword and competitor research
  • Website design
  • Content planning
  • Article Instruction Ready and Order
  • Article Publish With Proper Structure
  • Proper Silo Structure Buildup
  • On page details perfection
  • Regular content updates
  • Website maintenance

Off-page SEO

  • Social profile
  • Social shares
  • Blog comment
  • Forum profile
  • Authority profile
  • Authority website post
  • Web 2.0
  • Guestpost
  • Edits link
  • Secret links
  • Other matters

Ordinary matter for Amazon Niche Site Planning

The list you see above is just a list. I believe everyone who works with Niche Site must hear all of these. But maybe not. I hope you all know the Basic SEO.

Well, anyway, it’s not our price matter. Our main thing is the plan. A plan to capture or list in a specific timeframe, sorted. That is what will describe here.

To facilitate our understanding, we have divided our total work into two parts above:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

Our entire writing will revolve around these two parts.

A precise timeframe

I think this timeframe is real. In other words, if you have the reins to do precisely what you do at any time, then the amount of success increases a lot. It’s a matter of deciding for yourself.

But if you are a full-time marketer, that is different. Or if you have enough time, that’s fine too. Last month I sold a few ready-made excellent sites. Then I talked to everyone separately to understand how dedicated they are and how much time they have to work.

Because an excellent site is a thing where success is not possible just by investing money and dedicatedly sticking here, so this thing is involved with the plan.

Personally, the main product that I provide to my clients is this niche site planning service. Since I am a film student, I have to say that an essential part of making a film in pre-production. The better this pre-production, the better the film’s work, the faster and at the lowest cost possible.

According to renowned movie director Alfred Hitchcock, he has done 80% of his pre-production career. So you understand the importance of pre-production.

Niche site planning is just like the pre-production of the film. The better you can do the planning, and the more comfortable your job will be. The cost will also be relatively low. In the middle of the work, you will not lose the food. That’s why planning is essential. So today, we are going to do this compelling work.

Brief Note;

Planning does not mention how to do keyword research or competitor research type work. Planning means showing you how to do things step by step—a lineup of that path. I have a separate article on keyword research or other work or will write in the future.
So in this article, I will write that lineup. I hope after reading this, you will also acknowledge the importance of Amazon Niche Site Planning. Note that at present, Google does not rank any site organically overnight.

If someone wants to rank the site quickly by desperately backlinking, the opposite is true – the site eats a penalty. So now the off-page tasks have to be done slowly and healthily.

With these things in mind, planning a niche site is more or less a 12-15 month plan. Reducing this is usually not possible. Even if it is not more, however, it is best to work with a two-year project. But fifteen months overall. So our plan will be fifteen months.

In other words, how to perform a niche site in 15 months from the beginning to the end will be in today’s article – step by step. We will arrange the timeline now. But in the front, I will briefly describe the issues of the timeline. Then I will give the amount of time for which in the form of a timeline. You can arrange them in an Excel sheet if you want.

Note that we have divided our entire work into two parts. Namely: –

  1. On-page steps
  2. Off-page steps.

On-Page SEO for Niche site

As mentioned above, in our plan, we are allocating fifteen months. So how we will do our work in these 15 months will be recorded here. First, let’s briefly give an idea about the on-page SEO step by step.

Step 1: Select Profitable Niche

The first thing you need to do to Amazon Niche Site Planning is to find a nice niche. Not a well-known and used niche. According to experts in the affiliate market, there are still many niches beyond the reach of marketers.

Those of us who are new to the market, such as #Newly, certainly do not believe these things. Because we can’t find anything that is not on the niche site. So are expert affiliate marketers talking wrong? No. They are not saying wrong.

However, niche selection is a job that takes a lot of time. Finding a short or un-touch niche is a tough job. So here you can do one thing – work with a little touch niche. But in that case, you have to spend a lot of time in keyword research to find low-competitive keywords.

Buy Domain-Hosting

Excellent to buy a domain and hosting. It can increase the age of the domain name. And if Nice has specified you, then go to the next step without wasting time here.

I recommend watching some tutorial videos on youtube about choosing domain hosting. So I hope you can easily understand how to select a domain. At the same time, you will avoid choosing the wrong domain name.

And I have my own opinion about hosting. There was a time when I was a fan of NameCheap hosting. But after seeing their Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday offered last year, I’ve been reluctant to buy Namechip’s hosting.

At present, they host about three to four thousand sites on a single server. As a result, there are 503 server errors all the time. Their servers are now down an extra, and This downtime has a significant impact on keyword rankings.  So be careful about selecting a hosting.

Step 2: Keyword and Competitor Research

If the Niche selection is completed, then OK. & Domain and hosting have also been purchased. Now we are going to enter the second step. The most critical and hard work is keyword and competitor research. If you make a small mistake here, your site will not be successful.

I work with low search volume and inferior competitor keywords. I have told the details in my e-book about how to find such keywords. If you have read it, you should know it.

But anyway, give me a whole month here. And spend at least two hours every day. Thus, if you spend a month in keyword research, you will get the right keywords. I would suggest looking for money keywords first and then informative keywords.

Step 3: Article Plan, Instruction Ready, and Order

Another important chapter to Amazon Niche Site Planning. If the keyword selection has been finalized, do the article plan. The plan will include using a keyword, how many articles to place on the site, how to do a silo structure, etc.

When it is completed, you will get the instruction for the article ready. It would be best if you spent a lot of time getting the instructions ready. You have to do a lot of research and read on the topic that the writer will let you write. Then you can easily catch what is not on your competitor’s site and what is extra on your site. This is very important.

Then Amazon’s product selection is another critical thing for Money Articles. You have to decide how many product reviews you will give in your Money article. It is better to choose a minimum of three and a maximum of 10 products from Amazon. You also need to add them to the instructions.

In this way, if the instruction of several money articles is ready, you will order it from the writer first. Then you have to get the rest of the instructions prepared during this time. This time you have to do a lot of surfing and you have to become an expert in your niche. Even if the writer gives wrong info, you can catch it quickly.

Step 4: Website design

Will create the website with CMS WordPress. It can be done quickly here. People who do not know coding can also work in this sector. So designing a website is not difficult. You can create a beautiful site in just seven days for website design.

I use the Genesis framework on most of my sites. I also have a website with Generate Press. Most likely, one or two ancient sites have thrived themes.

Due to lack of time, they have remained in the drive. I moved away from Thrive a long time ago due to many complications in Thrive. So my recommendation is Genesis or Generate Press. Designing a site with these themes is also very easy.

And don’t forget, always keep your site neat and clean. Lightweight, of course. For that, of course, we have to work slowly. After approximately 70% of the articles are given on the site, you will sit in the second step of site design. Then you will see the details of the site, speed, responsiveness, HTML error fixing… etc.

Step 5:

Publishing articles on the site is a very time-consuming affair, so you have to do it slowly with patience. After getting some articles, could you read them first? If you find it easy to read, take a look at the whole article and check with Copyscape Premium or another plagiarism checker premium tools.

If that is not plagiarized, then read each line slowly. When there is a need for any correction, send a revision to fix the writer. See if the grammar is OK with Grammarly. But there is nothing to rely entirely on Grammarly. Initially, you can choose the Grammarly free option. Move to premium later if needed.

No matter how familiar, reliable, and pleasing the writer is, you should check every article properly. So after checking line by line in this way, if you see that it is ok, then publish it on the site. You will also read each line over time while posting.

For example, even if there is a double space between two words, you can see that you can catch it and correct it. If there are one or two spaces in a line after a full stop, remove them. Use H-tags well. Give the necessary image in the article. Break up large paragraphs into smaller ones.

As much as you can work in this way, it will be perfect for you. In the case of money articles, in particular, simple words, short paragraphs are significant. You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Step 6: Proper Silo Structure Buildup

Once the primary article is published, build a silo structure categorized. It seems urgent to me. The silo structure in simple Bengali is as follows: To create a bond by interlinking similar category articles. It is done individually.
Silo structure
So the thing you will notice is – interlink from info article to money article. Then the strength of the money article will increase. There will be more power. But maybe don’t interlink money articles to info articles. If you have to, do one and maintain maximum reliability.

Step 7: Perfection of OnPage

There are many small tasks in this step. But the two most notable things are:
– The correct settings of the Yeast plugin
– Site speed optimization.

If these two things are correctly done, the progress of the site will go a long way. Also, check the interlink or silo structure well. Maybe something went wrong. Also need to fix the alt tag of the image, whether any deadlinks have been forgotten? It is also essential to see if the H-tag is appropriately maintained.

Step 8: Regular content updates and ed

This step is an ongoing process. So it cannot be called a specific action. That is, this step means that your work is relatively complete. To maintain the site’s continuity, you have to give regular content to the site or update the old contents.

Or you can do both. Note that there is no difference between providing new content to the site and updating the old content. The difference is that if you update the old content regularly, you will not have to give new content, but if you provide new content on the site, you will have to update the old ones.

Step 9: Website Maintenance

It’s also working as the eighth step. You have to continue as long as the site lasts. This step’s main task is to read the regular updates of Google, change the site accordingly, modify, enhance, etc. These are the issues here.

Also, check the regular uptime, whether the products are available on Amazon these in site maintenance. If your site is infrequent downtime, it also affects Google’s rankings. So this is also important.

Niche site off-page SEO

This time we will talk about the off-page steps of a niche site. Off-page means we all know. In other words, off-page SEO is all that needs to be done for a place.

We will talk briefly about the pages we have included in our plan. Then we will sit down with the original planning “timeline” of the Nice site.

Step 1: Basic link building

I will start the first step only when the page tasks of the site are relatively complete. Here are the first seven steps on-page. When the first seven steps of the on-page SEO are done, we will start working off-page through the essential link building.

Off-page SEO;
– Social profiles
– Social Share
– Blog comment
– Forum profile
– Authority profile
– Authority website post
– Web 2.0

there is a lot of posts available about primary link building. So I am not writing about them here anymore. Once you read it in time, you will know the details.

Step 2: Guestpost and Edit Links

In this step, we will talk about the guest post and edit links. However, there are multiple posts here about guest posts—invitation to read them from time to time.

So I’m not writing anything new about guest posts here. I am giving a light idea about edit links. However, in the guest post chapter, I also described the edit links.

The edit link is – Existing takes the connection from a post. I said very simply. To follow this method, you will find related info articles of your money articles.

The site owner will then offer to link your writing to that post because yours is more informative and valuable. Edit links are sometimes available for a fee. Edit links are also known by many as curated links.

Step 3: Secret links and others

Honestly, there is no way to tell the secret links. It is a method by which you will find your competitor’s that many of the links from where he took the link are comfortable for you.

And since he has been able to take, so can you. So this is how I tried to get the link by saying secret links here. You can also find more such sources in your way for link building. They are also valuable.

And other means – you can find out more off-page sources if you want. Or you can work with other methods of extinguishing, which I have not mentioned here. Such as Skyscraper Link Building, WikiLinks, Roundup Link Building, etc.

Niche site plan: Month Based Timeline

So far, I have tried to talk about the planning steps. This time we’ll set a time frame for using the steps or performing the steps. It’s primary planning. The more you can do this plan, the more successful you will be. Let’s take a look at the steps:

First Month: Startup

Niche Idea Generation + Buying Domain & Hosting + Keyword Research

Second Month:

Article Instruction Ready and Order Placed + Website Design + Minimum 4-6 Buying/Money Articles Publish to your Amazon Niche Site.

The third month:

Publish minimum 12-18 informative articles + 5 social profiles and authority profile creation and homepage backlinking + Google webmaster setup + submit sitemap + google analytics setup + some social shares + blog comments every day 2/3.

The fourth month:

Publish more money articles and info articles by following the ratio + 10 social profiles and 20 authority profile creations and homepage backlinking + 2/3 hour daily blog comments.

Fifth month:

Update the articles (it is better to update every month. Especially the money articles) + Social share of the site articles Note that the social shares have to be regularized as soon as the item is given site.

Without sharing all the pieces at once, it is better to share a little bit every day as a rule + 2/3 hours, blog comments + 10 hours to post on the authority site. Excellent if good quality article. These sites also feature the writings of ordinary members + if you want, you can profile some related forums and increase the activity in the media, even if it is regular. Of course, I don’t like forum-type links. Many times thousands of backlinks are made from one root link of the forum, which can cause damage.

Sixth Month:

Create 10 Web 2.0 Blogs on Selected 10 Web 2.0 Sites. You can tire every blog. Then link to your site from each blog. To be more secure, link money articles, info articles, and homepages with ratio + don’t forget to share social articles on the leading site + blog comments every 2/3 hours.

The seventh month: Guestpost

Guestpost must start from this month. Do guest posts very slowly—a maximum of 4 hours per month for homepages and 2 hours for money articles. So in the first month, you can do 2 hours for the homepage and 1 hour for each money article + regular social share + 2/3 hours daily blog comment.

8th month:

Guestpost can continue according to the above rules + you can try to edit links and secret links + regularize social shares, + blog comments every 2/3 hours.

Ninth month:

First follow-up – Notice the follow-up of the site for the first time. In other words, notice the location of the area with tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Erf, etc. You can monitor the position of the keywords with Surffox or similar tools to see the status. Depending on this monitoring, the next step has to be taken.

For example, how many more articles should be given on the site, how many guest posts should be made, whether essential link building is needed anymore, how favorable the position of keywords and articles are, etc. If you have an existing Amazon affiliate account, you can place an affiliate link on the site at the end of the third month.

And if you don’t have an Amazon affiliate account but at least 30+ articles on the site, most of them are info articles. And then wait for at least 500+ traffic to come to the site every month. Then apply for an Amazon account. I hope the application will get approval quickly.

Tenth month to Amazon Niche Site Planning

You will start working from this month depending on the result you got by following up last month. For example, how many will need more articles? On the site and the number of guest posts. However, in my opinion, it is better to fix the number of items in article planning. This month, by calculating the ratio in the same way, you can try to publish + 2 guest posts + edit links and secret links + social share + 2/3 blog comments every day.

The eleventh month:

You can try to publish new articles + guest posts + edit links and secret links + social shares + blog comments every 2/3 hours.


You can try to publish new articles + guest posts + edit links and secret links + social shares + blog comments every 2/3 hours.

Thirteenth month:

Second follow-up – An entirely positive result is expected from this month’s follow-up. From this result, you can decide how long the site can be flipped (if you want to convert, then what else.).

The fourteenth month to Amazon Niche Site Planning

There is no such work. Continue site follow-up. See article update. Product availability check should start from the week after placing the affiliate link on the site. Do you have to check at least once a week whether all the products are available?

Moreover, at the end of the sixth month, you have to pay attention to product quality. And in the ninth/tenth month, especially during the first follow-up, you have to see if the keyword has been sold in proportion to the rate at which the rank has been? If not, then product quality and article quality should be checked by an expert. However, it is better to be sure about the article at the beginning. But product quality has to be checked at that time. If necessary,  must replace the product.

The fifteenth month for Amazon Niche Site Planning

I think, if all of the above is fine, you will be pretty sure this month that you will be able to flip the site in the next few days. But usually, after 12 months, it can be sure. I am so in the case of my site. I hope you can, too, if you correctly do the timeline and work that way dedicatedly.
I think I have cleared the matter of Amazon Niche Site Planning in this article. Now your responsibility is to make a lineup of these issues in an Excel sheet. You can do this lineup as a month or categorize it. Or combine the two. It depends on you. I’ve combined the two here to create a timeline.

How beautiful and comfortable it is to set up a timeline will tell you how much you know and how dedicated you are to succeed. So check yourself.

Stay well, stay safe, Happy Affiliate Marketing!

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