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Best WordPress Plugins for Improve SiteSpeed & SEO Score

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Plugins are a significant issue for those of us who create websites in WordPress. If you can’t set the plugin correctly, it can affect your entire website. So today, I will talk about some plugins.

15 Important  WordPress Plugins That Can Help You To Improve Your Websites Loading Speed, Seo Score, Image Optimizations, Backup, Spamming, etc. Important Tasks.

Best WordPress Plugins for Improve SiteSpeed & SEO Score

  1. HummingBird
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. Jetpack
  4. Contact Page 7
  5. Really Simple SSL
  6. WordPress Rocket
  7. reSmush it
  8. Easy Table of Content
  9. Yoast Seo
  10. Woocommerce
  11. AMP
  12. Akismet
  13. Social Snap
  14. Backup Buddy
  15. Grammarly
  16. All in one schema.org Rich snippet

01. Hummingbird

hummingbird plugins

Visitors to your site do not want to enter the site if the site speed more than 7 seconds. So Hummingbird makes an immense contribution to increasing the loading speed.

02. W3 total cache

W3 total cache plugin will increase the loading speed of your site and make the site user friendly. You know that nobody likes a slowly loaded website, so make your site faster & these plugins can help you load your website very fast.

03. Jetpack: WordPress Plugins

The Jetpack plugin enhances security, enhances site performance. Additional features include spam-free Comments, and social share related posts are automatically checked. Jetpack will alert you even your site is down & make a better performance.

04. Contact Forms 7

A plugin called Contact Page 7 helps you design your contact page in any way. With these plugins, you’re able to manage multiple contact forms for your users.

05. Really Simple SSL

After installing SSL on your website, Really simple SSL ensures the SSL of each page.

06. WP Rocket

WP Rocket will make your web page loading time very fast. The user experience will be better. Taking these parts as an essential task because when your site loaded quickly, you will find more traffics.

07. reSmush it

This plugin allows you to compress images easily. Image compression will also increase the loading speed of your site. These plugins can help you to improve your site speed by speeding up lazy load images.

08. Easy Table of Content

This plugin will look like a list of points from the header of your content. Which helps give your traffic an overview of the content.

09. Yoast Seo: WordPress Plugins

The Yoast SEO plugin is essential for those of us who create sites in WordPress. This plugin does a lot of work for your on-page SEO.

10. WooCommerce

Those who want to set up an e-commerce site can use the woo-commerce plugin. Whenever you have an e-commerce website, then you must need the Woocomerce plugin for a better experience.

11. AMP

Although most of the themes are mobile responsive, the AMP plugin is needed for mobile responsive sites. This plugin is a handy plugin for WordPress.

12. Akismet

This plugin will protect your site from spam. It is also called an anti-spamming plugin.

13. Social Snap

This plugin is required for social share buttons on your site. You can use the social share button on any site using this plugin.

14. Backup Buddy

With this plugin, you can back up your website. As a result, if there is any damage to your site, then this backup will work.

15. Grammarly

To write appropriately, you can use Grammarly plugin/Grammarly Extention/ Grammarly on the web. Grammarly can make you more comfortable with your writing skills.

16. All in one schema.org Rich snippet:

With this plugin, you can easily place ratings on any page or post on your website. With these plugins, users can rate any of your content is how good or bad.

The plugins that we usually use are therefore discussed. There are also many more plugins that you can use whatever you need.
However, some recommended plugins are used, but the fewer plugins you can use, the better. Many times using more plugins increases the loading speed of the site.

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