Free Fire Diamond Top Up BD Bkash-5 Best Ways

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Are you a Free Fire Gamar? & worried about Diamond Top Up. No worries there have many methods to do this. If you are from Bangladesh or India then probably you don’t have any Credit Card/ Debit Card or VISA Card, so it is something different for you. But today I will discuss with you Free Fire Diamond Top Up BD Bkash-5 Best Ways.

There are numerous websites online, Facebook pages, Facebook groups that top-up Free Fire Diamond. But many of these sites are fake, they are cheating by talking about diamond top-ups. So beware of these dangerous websites, Facebook pages, and avoid them. But then how do I top up the diamond? No worries, I am going to discuss many unique ways here.

Free Fire Diamond Top-Up Methods;

  1. Via Credit Card
  2. Via Debit Card
  3. By PayPal Account
  4. Using Payoneer Account
  5. Via Virtual Credit/Debit/Visa Card

01. Via Credit Card

This is the one & only smart way to diamond top up, but most people are don’t have this credit card. So now what? you can tell your problem to your family members who have a credit card. If it is not possible then follow the next method.

02. Via Debit Card

If you or your family has any of Bangladesh Bank Account then you have a greater chance to find a debit card or VISA card. if has any bank account quickly contact your Bank Administration to provide you a Debit or VISA Card. after your application to cards via your Bank Account, You will find a Card within one month.

03. By PayPal Account

This is a great way to top up a diamond. But there is a problem, Free Fire Authority does not allow you to Top-Up via Paypal Account Directly. But you can Buy Diamond from others via PayPal. Find out people who sell diamonds via a PayPal account & buy from her. When buying Diamond do deal via a third party/Admin for safety.

04. Using Payoneer Account

This method is the same as the Paypal method. It is very easy to load money on Pioneer. No matter what country you are from, load Pioneer in that country’s currency. Pioneer will convert your money to any country’s currency according to your needs. You can do this via Bkash Account.

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