How to Get YouTube Monetization Faster Tips and Tricks

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Are you a Youtuber? and looking for some tricks & tips for getting quick approval in google AdSense? Then you’re reading the right posts. today I will share with you that, How to Get YouTube Monetization Faster.

Many of us have YouTube channels and we want to make money by advertising them on Google. But we are being deprived of making money from google because we cannot fulfill all the conditions of the YouTube Partner Program properly.

What are the YouTube Partner Program Conditions?

  • 1000 Subscriber Required For Review
  • 4000 Public Watch Hour Required

The matter of concern is;  Specified subscribers and watching hours must be within the last 12 months.

How to Get YouTube Monetization Faster?

Follow these rules below to get a quick YouTube monetization.

  • Make Original Content/Videos & Music
  • Upload Videos Within One Category
  • Never Use Reused Content
  • Make Engaged Content

We know that YouTube is one of the best video sharing platforms in the world, where people all over the world publish their necessary / news / social / entertainment-related information in the form of videos. So here you can start a good amount of income by uploading any kind of video and getting a good audience.

Make Original Content/Videos & Music for getting YouTube Monetization Faster

The best way to get quick monetization on YouTube is to create unique content so that you can run Google ads on your channel without any hassle.

At first determine that, which content is most watched by people in your targeted audience areas. Now create content as the most attractive. Choose a nice topic, then create a video based on that topic and upload it to the channel regularly. Video from any other channel cannot be copied, which is a big threat to monetization.

Make Videos Within One Category

In order to rank your YouTube channel, there is no option to upload a specific category of video. Uploading videos to a category will get you a better audience. When a viewer watches a video of you, if he thinks that you might upload more new videos of the same type, then he will keep subscribing to your channel.

If you upload videos in different categories, the YouTube Community Guidelines Act will be violated, which could result in a Community Guidelines strike. So it is important to hold on to a specific topic.

Never Use Old/Reused Content


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