how to secure wifi password from qr code scanning

How To Secure WiFi Password From QR Code Scanning

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How Does To Secure WiFi Password From QR Code Scanning? Are you worried about this problem? Then, you’re reading the right posts. Today I will share some of the valuable methods to secure Wi-Fi passwords from QR code scanning.

You know that the new updated smartphone has beautiful features. The newly updated phone can see any wifi router password through QR Code Scanner.

Samsung Galaxy, Redmi, Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, etc., are the best smartphone to scan a QR code password. Secure passwords from hackers use some of the workable methods & avoid sharing your password with your friend’s circle. Never give access to anyone in your router administration system.

How To Secure WiFi Password From QR Code Scanning

how to secure wifi password from qr code scanning

If Your Router Was TP-Link Then, You Could Follow These Instructions. Here is the some recommended method to secure your wifi password from QR Code Scanning:

  1. Create a Strong Password
  2. Create a Secondary Password/ WPA2
  3. Use Wireless MAC Filtering(Recommended)
  4. Change Your Admin Login Info

Now follow these detailed instructions to secure your wifi connections from hacking.

01. Create a Strong Password

To keep your password safe, use an extra-strong wireless password to your router. We usually created an easy password that can help a hacker to see your password.

02. Create a Secondary Password/ WPA2


For extra security, Set up a secondary password, which the system called WPA2. WPA2 is another safest password system for a wifi router.

03. Use Wireless MAC Filtering(100% Trusted Method)

If the above method does not work correctly, then you can use wireless mac filtering. It will be work 100%. Wireless mac filtering is a method to check how many devices are connected under a router & fully control them. After using these giant methods on your WiFi router, Nobody can hack it or click any device to your router.

How To Use Wireless MAC Filtering?

To use mac filtering, you need to enable it from your wifi router settings. Log in to your router, click “wireless” from the left & click “Wireless Mac Filtering”. First, will allow it & in the filtering rules, click “Allow the station specified by any enabled entries in the list to access” the button below.

Remember, after enabling mac filtering, Will disconnect all connected device from your router. So, before allowing these Mac Filterings, connect a PC to your router. Or add a mobile phone’s mac address to your Wi-Fi router. Which PC or mobile phone will be work as an admin.

Steps to enable Wireless Mac Filtering;(It Will Be Super Security System On Your WiFi Router)

  • Log In To Your Router Admin Panel With Your PC
  • Open Wireless Mac Filtering & Click To Enable It
  • Click To ” Add New” Options Below
  • Now Add An Mobile Phone’s WiFi Mac Address
  • Click To “Save” Button Below

Now You Can Control All Of The Connected Smartphones/Devices By Enabling/Disabling Them. When You Will Disable a Device From Your Router, Those devices Won’t Be Able To Use Your WiFi Until You Enable That’s.

How To Find WiFi Mac Address On Your SmartPhones?

You can easily find the WiFi MAC address from the About Phone section of your smartphone settings. Or You Can Find It On Your WiFi Options. Go To WiFi & Click On Advanced Options, Here You Will See Your Phones Mac Address.

  • Go To  “Setting” Option of Your Smartphone
  • Click “About Phone/About Device” Options You See
  • Click “Status” & Check Your Mac Address Easily

0. Change Your Admin Login Info

how to secure wifi password

If you think someone has hacked your WiFi. Then you should need to take action about change your admin login information from your router settings.

How To Change Your Admin Login Info? Follow These Steps;

  • First Login To Your Router
  • Click System Tools
  • Click Password
  • Enter Your Old User Name & Password
  • Now, Enter a New User Name & Password
  • Click To Save Buttons

Hopefully, with the proper use of these methods, You can keep your WiFi password secure. If problems are still not solved, I suggest discussing your issue on the world’s popular Community Forum. Quora, Reddit, XDA-Developers, Wrong Planet, Medium, etc., the best forum websites where people can share their discussions.

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