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How To Set Up A Privacy Policy Page On Your Website

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How to set up a privacy policy page on your website? Very simple. There are many ways to set up a privacy policy page on your website. You can use an online privacy page generator, allowing you to generate a privacy policy/about us/contact us/terms & condition pages.

A website needs to have a privacy policy page. Google can understand what kind of content your site has. And may advertise accordingly through the privacy page. There are many effective ways to create privacy policy pages. If you want, You can create pages for your website with an online privacy policy generator. Today we are going to discuss how to create a privacy policy page.

How To Set Up A Privacy Policy Page On Your Website

  1. Create Manually
  2. With Online Privacy Policy Generator
  3. By Default

01. Manually Creation Instructions

You can create the privacy policy page with the information you want. That is why you have to give the following statement on your page.

  • Collection of personal information
  • Collection of non-personal information
  • Use of collected information
  • Newsletters
  • Advertisement
  • Links to other websites
  • Information security
  • Changes and amendments
  • Acceptance of this policy
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance COPPA
  • Contacting Us

02. Create Privacy Policy Page With Online Privacy Policy Page Generator

This is a recommended way to build a privacy policy page for your websites. Search on google for a healthy page generator.,,,, etc. Are the world’s biggest Online Privacy Policy Page Generator. You can create your page through these websites easily & free of cost.

Click Here To Generate a Privacy Policy Page-

Generate a Privacy Policy Page Through

03. By Default

This is another method to create a privacy policy page. Go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on the Setting button from the left. After clicking the setting button, You will see the Privacy button on the down click that’s

how to create a privacy policy page

Now you will see this page below. Select the privacy page that you see & click select this page. Now click edit page from your page section. After opening, enter some of your website information.  & make changes content if you want & click to Publish.

How To Create a Terms & Conditions Page

you can build a terms & conditions page free from websites. Just go to their website & input the required information about your websites. Terms feed will make a terms & condition page very quickly.

Click here to create a terms & condition page for free of cost:

Generate a Terms & Conditions Page


I hope you understand how to create & set up pages. Like these privacy policies about us, contact us & terms & condition pages. So quick, Assemble all of these pages above for your websites.

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