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How To Test Your Internet Speed In PC/Phones

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Do you want to test your wifi or mobile data speed? Then continue to read these blog posts. Today we will discuss how to test your Internet Speed On a Computer or a Phone? Nearly we are listed some of the comfortable tools. These tools can test your internet speed accurately., du-meter, net speed monitor, speed meter, etc.., are affordable speed testing tools.

A slow speed internet is very annoying. But The fun of running the internet at wind speeds is fantastic. Everyone can don’t like slower internet, so why we need a high-speed internet connection.

How Check WiFi/Mobile Data Speed On Your Computer?

Follow these instructions below. It will help you to catch up that, how much strong/powerful of your internet speed. This tool is a free internet speed testing tool. It is the design and development of Netflix. Did you know that Netflix is ​​an American streaming service? It has streaming movies, TV shows, anime, documentaries.

  • Open a web browser like Google Chrome.
  • Enter URL to your browser
  • Now you will see how much your internet speed.

Another Way to check internet speed in pc;

Search On Google, including any of the necessary tools you want. You will find all of this software on,, etc. largest software downloading websites.

  • Search & Find Out du meter, net speed monitor, speed meter etc. any of windows software
  • Download any of them & install to your pc
  • Run Them & Check The Speed

How To Check Internet Speed On Your Mobile Phones?

Want to check your mobile net speed? It’s straightforward. Once you enter this website, the automatic speed test will start and show the results. There is also some special software in the App Store and Play Store for /Apple/iPad/Android or smartphones. With the help of those tools, it is possible to measure the speed of the internet instantly.

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