how to do pinterest marketing

Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2021 – A Complete Guidelines

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Do you want to learn Pinterest Marketing Strategy to generate visitor? Know that Pinterest is currently a prevalent platform for developing traffic. If someone wants to bring traffic to their website or blog from any platform other than SEO; Then Pinterest should be his first choice.

Through an analysis, 61% of Pinterest users are women, and 56% of them make buying decisions only from Pinterest if they want to buy something.

About 40% of the USA’s youngest children use Pinterest and turn to Pinterest to update new watches, jewellery, and home furnishings.

Of all Pinterest users in the USA, 79% make their purchase decisions from Pinterest.

So Pinterest can be a unique marketing platform for our niche site or blog.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2021 – A Complete Guidelines (Step by step guide)

how to do pinterest marketing

Wants to become a successful Pinterest marketer? Check out that you have following these instructions.

  • Pinterest Profile
  • Claim Website
  • Get The Official Pin Button
  • Use Rich Pins
  • Ensure Link Quality
  • Create Useful Board Names And Descriptions
  • Increase Engagement
  • Keep It Fresh

The process of increasing traffic on Pinterest has been giving here. Let’s get started –

Name Your Profile And Confirm Your Website

First, we need to set the account’s business name, and for this, you can first create a business account from this link. And those who want to convert a personal account to a business account can use this link.

#Pinterest Profile

In this case, I hear many people ask, what is the profile name? Business Name or Person Name.

In this case, the answer is straightforward since we will create a business profile. In this case, the profile name also needs to be business. And with business names, we can use some searchable supported keywords.

For example, Melissa Erial, Natural Hair Growth Remedies, Natural Hair Updos [This is an example of a business profile]

Melissa Erial is the brand name, and Natural Hair Growth Remedies, Natural Hair Updos are the two supported keywords.

Claim Website

Of course, you have to verify your site with Pinterest, which you will find in the Pinterest setting’s Claim option. After confirming, you will get the initial ranking boost.

Get The Official Pin Button

A visitor can easily use Pinterest’s official PIN button to repin your site’s posts to Pinterest. You can also activate it on your site through the WordPress plugin.

Use Rich Pins: Many of us have no basic knowledge of Rich Pin. Pinterest has given Rich Pin a much higher priority in their rankings. You can use this link to enable Rich Pins.

Rich Pin;

As you can see in the image above, there is a box to enter the URL. In this box, you have to click on Validate with the URL of your post.

Although Pinterest takes 24 hours to enable Rich Pins, it can promote within 15 to 20 minutes.

It can easily enable the rich pin system through the Yoast SEO plugin into your WordPress websites.

Ensure Link Quality

We often make this mistake, and we can’t do much better on Pinterest for this mistake.

What is Ensure Link Quality? Simple, the PIN that we upload to Pinterest and the link that we use must be PIN relevant.

For example, I can say that my pin image title – “Best Energy Drinks,” but I used the link – “Best Energy Drinks” must be taken care of not to happen.

Create Useful Board Names And Descriptions:


To get your Pinterest boards into search, the board names must be searchable, which people type in Pinterest.

Instead of creating a “Recipe Vegan,” you should create a “Vegan Recipe panel.” Because no one searches Pinterest by writing Recipe Vegan, but many people search by typing a Vegan Recipe.

Cannot do Keyword stuffing in the case of board description. Besides, in the case of hashtags, maximum of 5-6 uses are positive. It is not right to use more than that.

Increase Engagement:

You can comment and repin the pins of your relevant profile to increase Pinterest followers and engagement rates. You can also use Pinterest’s official follow me button on your site.

Keep It Fresh:

Try all the time to stay active. It’s not mean that you have to stay active all day. In other words, try to pin the daily fresh content to Pinterest.

To maintain the ratio, you can add 8 to 10 new pins daily and repin some. You can also use Pinterest’s scheduler.

Keep in mind. Our followers can’t be bothered to overwhelm left by pinning extra.

Another thing;

Don’t forget to let us know how you like today’s article about seven processes to gain traffic in Pinterest Marketing, and if you want, you can share this Pinterest Marketing Strategy with your friends.

Besides, if you have any different Pinterest questions, you can let us know in the comment box. Thanks, everyone!

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