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Top Affiliate Networks-20 Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms

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One of the primary sources of online income is affiliate marketing around the internet world. Today we will talk about the Top Affiliate Networks of 2021 and the Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms.

The basic definition of affiliate marketing is; You will sell products of any company or organisation through your blog/website. The company or establishment will pay you a certain amount of commission for selling the product. It’s called affiliate commission.

To process affiliate marketing, you need to have a visitor source. You can bring visitors to your blog site, social site, or any other way.

Top Affiliate Networks In 2021-That Help You To Make Money Fast.

top affiliate network

Recently, there has been a kind of frustration and weakness among our online marketers over reducing commissions on Amazon affiliate programs. If you can get organic traffic to your website, you will connect to any affiliate network with that traffic and bring out an enormous passive income field from that platform.

 There is nothing to worry about this. Because if you have a good traffic source, then you must earn perfect money. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that as long as there is traffic on your website, you can join any affiliate network and generate income. Today, I am giving you a review of what other affiliate networks have, including Amazon associates. Stay read it.

Amazon Affiliate Network

Amazon is one of the Top Affiliate networks around the affiliate platforms and one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites. Yet this network is the first step in the entry of affiliate marketers. Amazon’s massive product portfolio makes it easy for affiliate marketers to affiliate their products.

How to join the Amazon Associate Program

You will go to then you will see the word become an affiliate in the footer part of the website. Click there. Now don’t know step by step;

Step-01: Click on Create amazon account. After the click, you will get a registration form.

Step-02: if you click Create Your Amazon Account with your name, email, password, you redirected to the next step.

Step-03: In this step, you will get the OPT code, which will go to your mail. You can copy and paste that OPT code and click on the Next button and go to the “Creating Your Amazon Associates Account” step.

Step-04: Give the necessary information about your account. But remember one thing: If you have a Payoneer account, give the Payoneer account name. In case of the phone number, you will provide your country phone you are using. If your country phone number does not work, then you can use different virtual numbers. When the information form fills in, go to the next step by clicking the Next button.

Step-05: In the next step, you will give the information about your website. One thing to keep in mind is that the website you add to Amazon should have good quality content. Because it may cancel the account when Amazon manually review your website, all right, after flipping, click on the Next button and go to the next step.

Amazon Associate Program The Wonder of Affiliates

Step-08: they will ask for your number for your phone verification. After you give the mobile number, click call me now, then a call will come to your portable, and you will get the code. Once you provide that code, the verification is complete. Click on Terms and Conditions and then click Finish.

Step-08: You verify the payment method along with the tax info, although you can add this information later. If you add later, skip. It will then give you an Amazon code to promote your website’s product.

Awin Global Affiliate Network

Earlier it was called affiliate window, but now the official name is Awin. This top affiliate network claims its network has 13,000 active advertisers and 100,000 publishers (affiliate marketers). 11 countries can bee has seen Awin’s activities globally, but this platform is quite popular in Europe.

How to Create an Awin account

To register, go to this URL then you will see the word publisher in the menu bar at the top. Click here and go to the bottom dashboard.

Step-01: Account Information:

Fill up your information. First, start with your website’s name in the company name, select your country and go to the next step by clicking the following button with your name email password.

Step-02: Promotional Type:

In this step, you will give the details of how to promote their affiliate link through your website or any other means.

Step-03: Promotional Space:

Mention here what medium you will use. Paid ads, social media, SEO, some of these options will come in the way you will run the promotion.

Step-04: Verification:

Fill in all the details of your country, flat, building number, city/town, postcode telephone number in this form. Then you can verify by clicking the confirmation code.

Review: After reviewing the account, you can add your payment method.

Online Payment: You deposit a small registration fee. In your first payment, these extra taken fees will refound.

  • They pay a maximum of twice a month. ($20 minimum)
  • Real-time report
  • The dashboard is straightforward to use.
  • Difficulty
  • It requires a $5 advance payment to sign up.
  • You will not receive a five refund if they do not approve your account.

03 ShareASale Affiliate

ShareASale is one of the largest & High rate commission paying affiliate networks around the marketplace. And is a part of Awin. The ShareASale platform has 4,000 merchants, of which thousands are Merchant Exclusive. ShareASale is an immense field for publishers.

In which you are getting;

  • Earnings per click
  • Reversal rate
  • Average cell amount
  • Average Commission
  • Advantages of ShareASale Affiliate Network
  • Huge partner network, 4,000+ merchants included, including 1000 exclusive.
  • You can choose the best offer by using ShareASale metrics.
  • Suppose your affiliate balance is $50. If you stay above, you will receive payment on the 20th of the month.

How to Create a ShareASale account

  • Go to and click on Affiliate Sign Up button below.
  • Create username, password and select Country Residence.
  • List your website and answer the above questions.
  • Add your primary email address.
  •  Give your details and the details related to the website.
  • Choose any method of payment.
  • After the User Terms Agreement, go to the next step with a complete application with a tick.
  • Check the email for the confirmation link.
  • Finish the registration by clicking on the confirmation link.

04 CJ Affiliate

The Commission Junction/CJ is the largest online hosting provider company. Any marketer must hear these Platform. It’s a first-class top affiliate network, part of the Namecheap.

The CJ Affiliate platform has many advertisers, making it easy to compare offers from different segments. Finding affiliate tracking code is easy, and putting it on your website is not a complicated task. You will promote your CJ’s offer within a few minutes of receiving the disapproval.

How To Sign Up On CJ

 Step 01: First, go to this link at Then you click on Sign Up in Publisher for an affiliate account.

Step-02: After clicking, you will see Sign Up in the next window, where you have to sign up with email, name, password, language.

Step-03: Once you have signed up, give some more info, which I am giving below;

  • Country: Provide Your Country Name
  • Phone Number: Enter Your Phone Number
  • Password: Choose a Strong Password
  • Company Name: Enter Your Company Name( If Don’t Have, Input Your Name or Anything)
  • Address: Enter the address of your permanent location.
  • Preferred Currency: Write the currency name of your country
  • Site Name / URLEnter the URL of your desired(Own) website
  • Description: Write About Your Website
  • CategoryTell them about the classes on your site
  • Average Site TrafficHow many people visit your site each month.

With these details, if you don’t like it after reviewing, you will get the CJ Affiliate link for promotion.

CJ Affiliate Advantage

  • The commission is relatively good.
  • There are all kinds of products to affiliate with.
  • Inconvenience
  • The dashboard is complicated for newcomers.
  • Customer support is deficient compared to Mercer and Affiliate.

05 Rakuten Affiliate Network

Signing up for Rakuten Affiliate Network is very easy. You can also earn from Rakuten through your website or email marketing or social media promotions.

How to register?

Step-01: Company Info:

Select a country; Select Business Entity; Give business name; Select the tax form; If you from the USA. If you from another country, then select the country. You have required to fill-up some necessary documents; Give the address and phone number of your own.

Step-02: Contact and Account Info:

Enter your name, mail, username, and password. Answer the security question.

Step-03: Website info:

  • Enter the website name and URL
  • Give your business model.
  • Pageviews per month
  • Give a brief description.
  • Select the primary category
  • Determine gender and age

Step-04: Payment

You will not receive a Rakuten payment until $50. But you can give more range.

Select the language: Choose Your Language.

Allow ​​the term and the policy and mark it if you are not below 18 years of age. & click Give me to sign up at the end of all.


Ad Rotation: This is a minor feature but essential for optimising your ad.

Deep Link Option: If you wish, you can put a link on your website with promotion links of various affiliate offers of your choice.


Rakuten is a smaller affiliate network than CJ Affiliate or ShareASale. After receiving payment from partners, the affiliate pays at the marketer’s rate.

06 Avangate – 2Checkout Affiliate

Avangate is now officially the name 2Checkout, which has created a dilemma among many merchants. 2Checkout is working as a subsidiary of Avangate.

The 2Checkout affiliate program focuses specifically on software sales and digital product sales. At 2Checkout, you will find 22000 different software products, including many big companies like Kaspersky, Bit-Defender, etc.

Avangate Features;

  • On this platform, you can sell software products and SaaS products
  • 120 days of cookies duration
  • Commission rate ranges from 25% -60%.
  • You can withdraw a payment through PayPal, Direct Deposit, or MasterCard.

Avangate Difficulty;

  • There must be a minimum of $100 to withdraw the payment.
  • Dashboard Limited Search
  • A considerable number of customers dissatisfied.
  • Customer service is not very good.

How to sign up

Step-01: Go to this link to sign up;

Step-02: Basic Information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Company name
  • Address 1 / Address 2
  • City
  • Zip postal code
  • Country

Step-03: Where did you hear about us?

In this option, you will select the choice of how you find them out.

Step-04: Business Details:

  • Give the website URL
  • Promotion Method: Give content and reviews
  • Business domain
  • Select what the monthly sales volume
  • Create an account via creating my account button by allowing the Terms and Policy rules.

07 eBay Partner Network

You can earn an outstanding commission through an eBay affiliate. It is straightforward to get affiliate links if you have good traffic to your website. eBay is offering you to generate free links for their various items through Ad Creative and Widget.

How to do the account

To complete the sign-up form of eBay Partner Network, please follow these instructions below;

Step-01: Apply Now on eBay Partner Network! Click on an application page that will open here.

Step-02: A check box will appear that click the niche that you want.

Step-03: Click on Term Condition and then go to the next step.

Step-04: Click on “eBay User ID” for the next.

Step-05: Are you a member of the eBay Developer Program? Answer yes or no to this question.

Step-06: If you agree to the terms and policies, click the “Continue” button.

Step-07: Give your contact info, your name; Phone number, Email address: Password.

Step-08: Select 3 security questions and answers

Step-09: Enter your business info with a company name and business description

Step-10: Enter your website URL; Select Business Model, and select the category & click Continue.

Step-11: Select the payment method. You wear PayPal or direct deposit. Enter the name of your Bank as the routing number and account number.

Step-12: Click “Submit Application.” eBay will let you know by mail or phone whether your application has been accepted or rejected.

08 ClickBank

Click Bank initially focused on a digital product, marketing type courses but has now expanded its offer hugely through digital and physical products. It is one of the top affiliate networks in the world.

You can get a Niche e-book for an affiliate at Click Bank; Online courses, and e-courses in which they put some physical products.

ClickBank’s Average commission rate- Up to 75%, Limited Cookies duration, There are product-to-product variations.

How to do the account

Step-01: Go to ClickBank’s URL

Step-02: Click on “Promote,” then click on “Join.”

Step-03: Give this required information. 1. Personal Information 2. Banking Information 3. Account Information.

Step-04: Submit account registration. Click Submit after giving relevant information in each section.

When you receive the client survey, fill it up and submit the survey.

Step-05: Confirm Email

When you complete the registration, Click Bank will give the activation link in your mail. Verify the mail by clicking on that link.

ClickBank’s Advantage

  • Weekly payment is give
  • They permit the joint venture program.
  • Large and powerful affiliate program


  • Strong competitors are other affiliate networks that are selling the same product.
  • They have sold some digital products of inferior quality.
  • They check the first payment.
  • Physical products are .shallow

09 LinkConnector

Digital products and physical products are among the products that Link Connector is offering. Among the digital products, they are offering all kinds of e-commerce products except e-books and online courses. Among the mediums you can promote are CPA, CPS, PPC, and PPL.

The average commission rate; Depends on the sellers.

Cookie time; Cookie time depends on the vendors.

How to do the account

Step-01: Website Information

Site name; URL; Keyword; Website description Work in any category; Select how you got the link connector.

Step-02: Company Information

Company name, Phone number, Last 12 month’s income

Step-03: Mailing Address

Address City; State; Zip / postal code; Fill the country with this.

Step-04 Username and Password:

Username, password; Answer the security question and click on the submit button with captcha.

Link connector Advantage

  • Exclusive access to big brand Guler
  • Excellent customer service
  • They give secret coupon codes.

Its Difficulty

  • Dashboard and website design is not good.
  • 80% of the applicants have rejected
  • Merchants can control wherever the link is used.

10. RevenueWire

Like other affiliate networks, it is a multiple affiliate platform. You will also find digital and physical products on this platform.

How to do the account

Step-01: Tell Us About Yourself

Your name on the step; Email; Phone number Skype; Address City; Country; State/province; Select the medium of communication.

Step-02: Tell Us About Your Business

Company Name: Enter your name in the company name.

Company Website: Enter your website URL.


Mention if you have worked in any affiliate network before.

Mention the name of the niche you are working in.

Select how you are bringing the traffic.

Step-03: Create Your Account:

Give the affiliate ID.

Enter your password

Determine the application type

Determine the purpose of the application

Select how you heard of RevenueWire.

Allow ​​the terms and conditions and click “Create New Account” with the captcha code.

11. FlexOffers

FlexOffer is one of the largest & top affiliate marketing networks. They pay faster than other affiliate networks.

FlexOffers Connecting bloggers, content creators, and various publishers such as small-medium and large budget ads and brands.

They have thousands of affiliate programs that affiliate marketers can choose from.

How to do the account


You can register as an affiliate marketer at this URL

Step: 02:

Account info:

Your name Email; Select Confirm Mail ID.


Click on Terms and Conditions and click on “Register” to go to the next step.


Company Info:

Name: Enter your name in the company name.

Website: Enter your website URL.

Select what the website is about

Mention if you have worked in any affiliate network before


Traffic source:

Specify which medium you are bringing traffic from


A confirmation mail will send to your email. Click on the link with the confirmation link and confirm and finish the registration process.


If you refer someone, you will get some part of their income as commission.


PayPal is the only payment system.

12. AvantLink

AvantLink is an affiliate network popular among affiliate marketers. Besides physical products, they also sell various digital products. If you find a vendor of AvantLink for your affiliate product, you can create an account at AvantLink for your product affiliate.

How to do the account


Go to this link and sign up Now;


The first part of your name, the last part, the name of the website; Website URL; If there is an ad in any of the network in the website description, you can also mention the monthly income; Phone number, Email ID; City; Zip postal code; Register with Country.

13. Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler found in 1999 by two young Swedish entrepreneurs. They have been expanding their affiliate network across Europe for over 17 years. They currently have 2,000 merchants and 160,000 active affiliate marketer networks.

How to do the account


For registration, you go to this link;


Country; Translations into Assamese: Select the type.


Your name Email; Password; Website; Complete your registration by ticking the privacy policy with the control code and entering “Create an account.”

14. Webgains

Although this network is UK based, the US is the active office. Webgains is the best platform for world-class customer service and advanced technology. Let’s not know how to account?

How to do the account


Follow this link to open an account;


You will select 1 of the 13 countries as an affiliate network.


The first part of your name, the last detail; Email; After entering the password, complete the Sign up by clicking on the “SIGN UP” button with allowing trams and policy.

15. JVZoo

Although JVZoo was established in 2011, this affiliate platform is quite popular & Top Affiliate Networks. JVZoo is a digital product that works only; E-commerce with online courses and internet marketing offers.

The commission rate depends on the product and the merchant. Some pay a commission of 50% or more. Cookie duration is unlimited / lifetime.

How to do the account


Register at this link


Your name Email; Enter the password, select your country, tick the privacy policy and click on the registration button.

Step-03: Verify account

Now verify the account by clicking on the verification link sent to your mail.

Step-04: Select a Way to Get Paid

Select the payment method. Verify the payment with Direct Bank or PayPal, or Pioneer.


Recommended Tools:

It would be best if you worked with the tools that we will recommend.


  • You can join for free.
  • You don’t need your website later.
  • There are lots of products to affiliate and cookie lifetime.


  • There are many videos and documents, but you have to pay to get access.
  • Many products have inferior quality.
  • If you can sell 50 products, you can immediately make the payment from Paypal.
  • The user dashboard is messy.

16. Target Affiliates

They were designing Target’s affiliate programs like Amazon’s. This platform makes it easy for bloggers and publishers to earn. It’s prevalent among affiliate marketers, as it is trusted and known by Americans.

This platform deals only with physical products. Everything in the product is available at the target cell. The commission is a little less than a maximum of 6%. The cookie expires after seven days.

How to do the account


Join this link

Step-02: Account Information

Going to this step, you have to select the language; Name; Site URL; it must choose Country; Bank location must give country; Must pay currency; City; Street; Postal Code; Click Continue with the phone number to go to the next step.

17. SellHealth

It requires no subscription to join this affiliate program for free. This platform is for Health Nice only. You can apply and affiliate as soon as you find the difference. SellHealth’s commission rates also start at a much better 30%. So you can earn up to 350 USD by selling a product.

How to register?


Select the username

Personal Information:

The first part of your name, the last detail; Email; Password; State; Country; Enter the phone number.


Payment Information:

Add payment methods. PayPal or Wire Transfer.


Other Information:

Add your expertise level. In the other option, select how you bring traffic to your website.


Terms and Conditions

In this step, tick the two cells of Terms and Conditions and click on the “SIGN UP NOW” button.

18. Bluehost

One of the largest web hosting providers is the blue host. Bluehost hosting is also fast and secure. Also, it’s a Top Affiliate Networks in the online income process. You can affiliate blue host easily through referrals. Each referral ranges from 75 USD to 120 USD. The more new customers you bring, the higher the referral amount.

How to do an affiliate account


Go to this link and register;


Go to affiliate login information and enter your name and password.


Go to account information, the first part of your name, the last part, the name of the website; Site URL; Phone number, Email ID; City; Zip postal code; Country Day.


Payment Information:

Enter your PayPal email ID and sign up by clicking on Terms and Conditions to complete the registration.

19. Skimlinks

Skimlinks Affiliate Platform is an affiliate platform similar to VigLinks. Twenty-four thousand merchants are working with Skimlinks. It works with all kinds of products, but the excess of physical products is less.

Although Skimlinks works with digital and physical products, the abundance of physical products is less.

The definition of commission rate is that its commission rate varies from merchant to merchant. For example, this network pays up to 100% commission to their 400+ VIP partners or members.

Cookie periods vary from merchant to merchant.

How to make an account:


Go to this link;


Name; Mail; Click on the “Sign Up” button by ticking the terms and conditions with the password.

20. MoreNiche

Probably the most transparent of all online affiliate networks. This platform takes customer protection the most important. Fidelity, You can account on this affiliate platform if you are honest if it commits you to work with transparency.

How to do the account


Follow this link to register;


Account Details

Your name Email; Enter the password.


Give contact details

Your address; Give a phone number and other details.

Now Promote your product with an affiliate link by sign-up.

You will get some idea of ​​the top affiliate networks after reading this post. Now select any one affiliate and start the affiliation quickly.

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