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10 Best Tricks For Quick Approval To Google AdSense in 2021

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The most reliable way to earn money through blog writing is Google AdSense. To use AdSense, you should know about these workable Tricks For Google AdSense.  Google AdSense is also the best way to earn money through websites by writing any content. But many times, we are failing to find google Adsense approval for our websites. This is because we apply without knowing the basic principles of Google AdSense or Apply to our site without preparing according to all of Google AdSense conditions. And This is a significant problem for some bloggers. They want to do it very quickly.

Best Tricks For Quick Approval To Google AdSense in 2021

adsense approval tips

Apply all of these tricks before you sign up or apply for Google AdSense. If your website reached through all of these requirements, you have a good chance of getting approved.

  • If it is English content, publish 8-10 individual posts. Or it is other languages, publish 10-15 unique articles.
  • Put at least one image contains your article in each post. It is better if it has 2/3 and also does the SEO of the images.
  • The theme/template/design of the site will not be extra gorgeous. Try to keep it simple & user friendly.
  • Make sure that the landing/loading time of the home page is short.
  • Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer/Terms & Conditions This must have 3/5 pages.
  • The site must be well submitted to the Google Search Console.
  • When applying for Google AdSense, the site should not contain any adult content, other company’s Ad / Affiliate Link / Promote Link, etc.
  • When applying for AdSense, it is best not to post any download links on the site. Because Google thinks you are promoting that app or product & has a chance to be rejected.
  • Make Sure Your Site Is Reached through enough content.

If your site is on Google’s platform on Blogger, The chances of getting Approved Google Adsense is 10-20% higher than other platforms. But the maximum time we well/will do it with WordPress is that if we do it with WordPress, We can easily do the SEO. Since there is no way to grow without SEO, if you give the site on WordPress, you can do SEO easily; I will do it, that is, I will create the site with WordPress.

How Many Post Needed For Approval?

Post count does not a matter of AdSense approval. Suppose your blog post language is English, then, Post at least 10-15 informative & unique articles. All article length should be 500-5000 words is the best practice. Or language is others, then, Publish at least 30-40 informative & 100% unique articles. Be sure that all of your content is real & not affected by plagiarism. Before publishing an item, check it via online plagiarism detector tools.

How Many Visitor Is Needed for Approval

There are no actual requirements for the visitor to approving a site for Google AdSense. Remember, That even if you have no visitors to your site, You must get approval. But there must be a reasonable probability of visitors coming. Visitors are more likely to come when your site has valuable content. So, Create high-Quality SEO, friendly content to get quick approval.

Domain Age Requirements

Domain age is not a significant factor in finding Adsense. But an old domain also better than a new environment. So, Wait at least one month before applying. When your website/domain is six months old, the recommended tips are that apply to AdSense.

Submit Your Site On Major Search Engines

After building a website, please submit it to all major search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, Yandex, etc.: Are the top search engine in the internet world. After submitting your site to any search engine, Add required Sitemaps of your websites to understand search engines approximately your blogs.

Add Google Analytics Codes To Your Site

Google Analytics is a tool of Google that will analyze your site visitor info ranking info. So, Quick creates an analytics account & add it’s coded to your sites for checking your site all SEO, Ranking information,

Check All Your Content Is Unique or Duplicate

When you create posts on your websites, You must check with plagiarism detector tools to duplicate content. If duplicate content or some exact match content was found, First remove them. To prevent the same content, you can use these tools below;

Add Required Pages

For a better user experience, You must have some required pages for your websites. Your site must have these Privacy policies, About Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer/Terms & Conditions pages. A privacy policy page helps Google can understand your site’s content policy. A contact us page can help your visitors to contact you. & an about us terms & conditions pages can help your visitors know about your blog, which content is related & how to use it.

Do you want to check your website’s AdSense ability? How much? If you’re going to scan, Click here to check your website’s AdSense Eligibility; Web Metrics is the only AdSense checker tool in the world. It will help you do a better calculation of your site’s approving probability.

These tools will calculate the score of your site approval eligibility.

Check AdSense Eligibility

Suppose you apply according to all of certain AdSense Approval Tricks. You necessity gets the approval notification within 1-3 days after using. And to be ready to start earning money. The more traffic you bring &, the more click on ads, The more income you will make.

Additional Tips

What you do if AdSense rejects your site for any reason? If that happens, there is nothing to worry about regarding that issue. Review the reasons why AdSense did not approve your site. If necessary, you can create a post of your problem support on Google Adsense. Expert someone will help you to fix the problem or tell you what to do. You will find a lot of solutions to the Google AdSense Issue on the AdSense Support Forum.

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